Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Didn't Know That???

When Live-in Lovers Break Up: The Financial Consequences

Cutting ties isn’t so easy when you’re also roommates


While hunting around the web looking for new tips to share with you, I came across this article on US News that I thought would help everyone making decisions in the future.  Take a second and take a look. 

Cutting ties isn’t so easy when you’re also roommates.

Before moving in with your partner, consider these tips to protect yourself financially:
Put both names on the lease. Pierre Calzadilla, a rentals team manager at, a real-estate listings and information resource, says this is a fundamental part of sheltering your finances. Having the lease in both names makes your partner equally liable to pay rent—meaning you won't get dumped with the costs should you break up.
Look closely at the lease before signing. Like many young couples, you're looking for a one-bedroom unit. Keep in mind that you may have a hard time breaking the lease should you part ways. In some cases, renters are locked into a lease for the remainder of their contract.  Read more....


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